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“The long predicted crisis in elderly care is here and coming to a friend, neighbour, and/or loved one near you! For the first time in my life i am driven to express my anger and dismay on line. Don't get me wrong i fully accept that there is limited money available due to the financial crisis but i wonder if everyone understood the reality of what this now means for the most vulnerable in society whether there might be more of an outcry. So here's an example, if you are an older person with physical and/or mental health problems and you are reliant on carers to help you wash you then Lincolnshire might not be the place for you. You can now only ask for a shower/bath once a week, unless you suffer with incontinence and then you can have a shower or strip wash twice a week! This is not needs led, or dependent upon a persons unique circumstances but a purely financially driven decision because we don't have enough money to pay care agencies (privately run profit making businesses) to give the care that disabled & vulnerable people in Lincolnshire need. The budgets of course have been cut. What do people think? Should Society be able to provide reasonable care to individuals who cannot care for themselves? I am afraid that unless more noise is made then the politicians will simply avoid addressing what is a growing crisis,and people like you and me will have go without a drink when thirsty, a meal when hungry, reassurance when scared, and a shower when incontinent.”

By Unless Posted: October 23, 2012

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  • Armyoldsweat  |  November 12 2012, 7:57PM

    23 October 2012 article by 'Unless' refers. In general terms I agree but it can prove extremely difficult for Social Services or even well-meaning neighbours offering help those living alone. My wife and I have lived in the marsh since 1983. A 2 mile lane with 8 houses. The lone lady elderly occupant 100 yards distant made it perfectly clear from the outset our neighbourly approach was not required. She must now 90 years old. I have spoken to her 3 times in 29 years. When taken in an emergency to hospital recently I checked around the property. It was in an appalling state which begs the question, has she any close family, children or grandchildren? If so, where are they? It's not always the Social Services fault. Indeed, my experience as a near octogenerian is that Lincolnshire Social Services operate as efficiently as anywhere else in the UK and certainly better than most.


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