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“i lost my mum in may to a brain tumor and i miss her more and more each day , we all do .planning the funeral where we wanted lay mum to rest was very difficult as most of our family are buried at newport but being as we live south of lincoln we decided on eagle cemetry so within 5 mins we can be sat chatting to mum ,dad can walk there as he lives in the village of eagle.he is there most days putting fresh flowers in .racking the leaves . and today hes been blasting the old flacky paint of the lamps in the cemetry to have repainted , we did have to get permission which they were happy for us to do . laid grass seeds . now looking at having a new sign redone , its falling apart all out of his pocket but he doesnt mind ,most of the people appreciate him doing these selfless things , anyway what im getting at is the fact that everyday people walk there dogs through the village on leads as soon as they enter the cemetry grounds off comes the leads , running all over the graves cocking there legs, fouling on graves and leaving it, i know this because ive seen it with my own eyes . i sat in my car a couple of weeks ago within 20 minutes 3 different dogs were running around all over i sat there devastated crying . an old lady went to see her husband not far from where my mum is and stood in dog excrimante she was upset and through her shoes away . my dad has aked the owners of these dogs to please keep them on the leads whilest walking in the cemetry to which he gets abuse every time , i feel that its so disrespectful , i have a dog but i would never take her in the cemetry especially to run free and do whatever it wants all over our loved ones resting place . its truely disgusting and i wish it would stop its distressing enough with out owners turning it into a play ground and toilet for there family pets !!!!!!!”

By poppy2010 Posted: October 29, 2012

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