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Terminal Building Humberside International Airport, Grimsby Road, ULCEBY, DN39 6YH
  • Telephone: 01652 688132

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Humberside Airport Travel

All ways book my holidays here!!!!

“I always go to airport travel to book my family holidays there, the girls are really friendly and always get the best price so it saves me shopping about!”

By BeckyNC | Thursday, February 17 2011

Welcome to Humberside Airport Travel

Established in 2005, we have been catering for all of your travellin...

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  • Profile image for Secretsout
    Secretsout  |  Friday, April 06 2012, 7:03PM  |  Report
    Just an hour away from starting your holiday

    I flew from Humberside a year ago and found it such a stress-free experience I'd love to use the airport every time. KLM has got to be one of the best airlines about - they even served cocktails with the meal on my onward flight to Atlanta from Amsterdam. And there were free snacks and drinks throughout the journey. The only drawback I found was going via Amsterdam added hours on to the 'flight' journey. But when you take into account the time spent driving down to London and possibly staying in a hotel overnight, there's not a lot in it. Amsterdam is a great shopping experience - and I filled the time with a hydro-massage and oxygen boost to beat the jetlag, which was a real treat. And when you do arrive back in Humberside, it just takes minutes to collect your bags and clear customs and you are home dreaming about the next holiday in no time.

  • Profile image for macsyle2013
    macsyle2013  |  Monday, July 18 2011, 6:30PM  |  Report
    Needs more domestic flights

    I travel to London regularly and would love to be able to fly from Humberside direct to London without having to fly via Aberdeen or Amsterdam to get to London.

  • Profile image for Kirke
    Kirke  |  Sunday, July 10 2011, 4:01PM  |  Report
    Keep local

    Humberside Airport is an excellent departure point for passengers in the Humber region. In terms of conveniance and ease of access it is second to none. It could do with more flights, but that will be sorted out in due course. As for 'Jezhull's' argument, I have flown from Doncaster recently. There are no more amenities than Humberside, and the ones they do have only open at certain times of the day. Flights from Doncaster are also overpriced and it is still over an hours drive away from Hull.

  • Profile image for MisterBrigg
    MisterBrigg  |  Wednesday, June 01 2011, 12:27PM  |  Report
    Cutting down on stress levels

    The Brigg area is very fortunate to have its own airport. We firmly believe in supporting local services and so will fly from Humberside Airport, at Kirmington, when at all possible - and have booked to do so again for our next holiday. There's no nightmare getting parked - indeed, you can leave the car at home and get a Brigg area taxi firm to run you there and back. The checkout arrangements are well organised and there isn't the jostling for position and noise you so often encounter at larger airports. Once back home, refreshed from your holiday in the sun, you can be back home again very soon after touching down in Kirmington, without the hassle of lugging bags onto trains or coaches for a long journey back.

  • Profile image for elsawill
    elsawill  |  Tuesday, May 17 2011, 12:51PM  |  Report
    Go via local

    I use this local airport because it is just that - local. Convenient to get to, no long traveling hours just to get to the airport, and of course, once you land back at Humberside Airport you are not so far away from home. Depending on when you go away, where you book and how far in advance you book, prices, I think are comparable. Go via local, if you don't use it we may all lose it!

  • Profile image for BeckyNC
    BeckyNC  |  Thursday, February 17 2011, 2:56PM  |  Report
    All ways book my holidays here!!!!

    I always go to airport travel to book my family holidays there, the girls are really friendly and always get the best price so it saves me shopping about!

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