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More than just fun

By Boston Target  |  Posted: October 18, 2012

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The G650GS Sertao from BMW in an entry level enduro model that seeks to be more than just an off-road fun bike for the weekends. Even when it is parked, the G650GS with its athletic appearance and long spring travel indicates that it can take you anywhere you want to go - on or off-road.

The bike offers immense fun riding on all types of road and has the versatility for journeys where the destination can only be reached by unmade tracks.

Its engine is a single 652cc unit built in China and it feels like it too. It delivers 48bhp and you are often left wishing that it had a bit more as it runs out of steam just when you need it most. But you have to remind yourself that this is an entry level model designed specifically for inexperienced riders who will appreciate not being propelled into the undergrowth by a manic power-crazed engine.

What Does It Cost?

Surprisingly for BMW, the G650GS Sertao doesn't feature the usual high-quality workmanship and finish that comes as standard with its other bikes. The G650GS Sertao definitely has a bargain basement feel about it with cheap switches, clocks and levers, yet you will be asked to pay a fairly hefty £6,735 to own one.

How Does It Handle?

Off-road, despite its lack of serious power, the G650GS Sertao is a lot of fun to ride and being light and versatile, inexperienced riders can fall off without any fear of seriously injuring themselves. In this respect, BMW has got the formula just about right and the cheap fitments become an irrelevance once the bike is covered from front to back in mud and debris.

Yet despite this emphasis on off-road performance, the G650GS Sertao is still a remarkably able and relatively comfortable road bike.

With just 48bhp available the G650GS Sertao is not going to break any speed records but as an urban runabout it certainly has enough to keep up with the commuting grind and is agile when weaving in and around traffic. Its ability to perform on smooth tarmac and over rough ground make it a very versatile machine.

The overall package combines balanced power and weight, excellent ground clearance, long spring travel and precise wheel guidance, giving this bike excellent off-road riding for relatively short distances.


The BMW G650GS Sertao offers an excellent entry level machine for inexperienced riders who want to ride both on and off road. For more experienced hands however, there are better bikes around that will offer a lot more for the same money.

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