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'A manager will be judged on points, but we have to be realistic at Lincoln City'

By Lincolnshire Echo  |  Posted: October 05, 2012

Fighting on: David Holdsworth is not prepared to roll over and give up

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With a quarter of the season gone, John Pakey grills Imps boss David Holdsworth on the campaign so far and whether he fears that a run of games which includes some of the biggest spenders in Luton, Mansfield and Wrexham could cost him his job...

If recent history is anything to go by October can be a scary month for a Lincoln City manager.

As the clocks are changed, so it seems is the man in the dug out at Sincil Bank.

John Schofield, Peter Jackson, Chris Sutton, Steve Tilson, all were gone before leaves had even started to fall on the south common in the city.

So with current City boss David Holdsworth heading into a month which includes fixtures against big spending sides Luton Town, Mansfield Town and Wrexham, it is understandable to ask if he is worried he will become another October victim?

"I certainly hope people will reflect on what we have," said Holdsworth.

"There is no way in a million years we will ever go out onto the pitch with a defeatist mood.

"But the realism is that my chairman and board know what we are going up against.

"We discuss the issues we face and we look to see where can improve.

"I know every manager will be judged on points on the board, but realism comes into play.

"We know the mini-league we are in in this division.

"It is important that we beat those teams around us and be judged against those sides.

"We cannot be held up against a team which pay much bigger wages than we can."

At the moment Holdsworth's win percentage ahead of Saturday for league matches sits at 28.94 per cent.

Keith Alexander's was 38.73 per cent, Schofield's 40.35 per cent, Jackson's 36.99 per cent, Sutton's 26.67 per cent and Tilson's 29.41 per cent.

But as that mix of stats show, it is difficult to read into these numbers and use it as hard evidence of his performance.

If anything, the club's balance sheet would be a better judge of how Holdsworth is performing.

And with the club admitting before the start of the season that he would be operating with the lowest playing budget in 40 years, it is understandable when he talks about the realism of the situation he faces.

"The supporters will have their views on where they feel the club should be going," said Holdsworth.

"Some will want to see Lincoln City in the Football League, but we have to reflect on what we haven't got and what we have got.

"We have got a belief, good intentions and a will to fight."

That will to fight has been crucial so far this season.

With the exception of Friday night's 3-0 defeat to the Blue Square Bet Premier leaders, City have looked competitive in their matches.

Holdsworth admits that they were well beaten by Rovers, but he is still not willing to accept the loss.

He is also not pleased with the club's situation in the division.

Holdsworth has made no bones about the fact that the club will be in a relegation scrap again, but he still feels at this stage they have more to give.

"I'm not happy with our position in the table," said Holdsworth. "We could be further up the division, but it is tight and one or two wins lifts you right up it.

"Injuries have been a big issues. If I do get the opportunity to field the strongest squad then I feel very confident, but we are missing players who would make a big difference in terms of their experience."

Holdsworth's sometimes brutal honesty of the club's situation may be hard for some fans to swallow.

But he is determined to bear the brunt of the frustrations and not change his tack.

"When a club is having a tough time plenty of people are ready to have a dig," said Holdsworth.

"The most important thing is we remain confident and stick together.

"I've been delighted with the support, outside this club has had a tough time and it is important to not let that creep into the dressing room.

"There is a good togetherness and that is all I can ask for at the moment."

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  • Whiley45  |  October 10 2012, 12:32PM

    THE PRESS CONFERENCE by Whiley 45 MONDAY: "The Manager is going nowhere," said the Chairman with a smile. "We may be losing matches but the players like his style" TUESDAY: "How many more times must I say it said the Chairman with a grin. "The Manager has my full support tonight we are going to win" WEDNESDAY:"Alright we lost three nil last night said the Chairman with gritted teeth "But the Manager needs a lot more time and the Supporters need belief. THURSDAY: "We couldn't carry on like this said the Chairman full of woe, The Directors are unanimous THE MANAGER HAS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ozzyyy  |  October 08 2012, 5:35PM

    Very intresting read especially the click (here) bit at the beginning what opens another page But hey those with the rose tinted glasses on carry on and keep believing everythings ok

    |   2
  • Resurrection  |  October 08 2012, 4:33PM

    Very good article and factual information on the finances of the club at the link below posted today. http://tinyurl.com/9prfv37

    |   3
  • redimps1  |  October 08 2012, 4:31PM

    Sorry just because you go to a game you cant have an opinion?well thats rubbish,i know people that still put up with the rubbish and go to games and report back to me,i listen to the games on the radio and read everything online also-official and unofficial-so i have an opinion and i will express it! As for the money thing and Bob etc isnt it in a seperate holding company and possibly protetcted!?!? unlike the vast majority of supporters who arent and havent been invitedto join it.Oh and yes i do have several thousand shares in lcfc at the last count.

    |   5
  • franky68  |  October 08 2012, 3:51PM

    Bob Dorian did in fact put alot of his own money into the club. I got that from a very reliable source, its different to the rumours I heard at one stage about it being from the bank, and not his own money. And at that time if he han'nt we would have been long gone as a club. If some of you people who are letting your feet do the walking/talking? why then do you bother coming on this forum, when what you say has no relevant substance to what is going on at Sincil Bank, because how do you know, you're not even bothered coming to games, so why bother coming on here upsetting people who just want to stay positve. And the players won't be effected by your comments so much. As the saying goes "Every little less helps", or words to that effect isn't it

    |   -2
  • redimps1  |  October 08 2012, 2:47PM

    Thanks! The days of me (and its seems a few thousand others)going come what may have long gone! if your happy to waste your time and money on a set up - on and off the pitch- that is clearly wrong then good for you but i wont be joining you!

    |   9
  • theoutworker  |  October 08 2012, 12:55PM

    Some fan you are redimps1.

    |   -1
  • redimps1  |  October 08 2012, 10:40AM

    I am one of those that wont be wasting £18 down at the bank till Bob and Holdsworth are long gone.I accept some people see a good job but i see a 10 strong board with no ambition! at the fans meeting with the board the other week Bob stated that there is still no plan in place to regain our league status 18 months or so after relegation from the league. I also a club that are fourth from bottom after 13 games and are likely to loose there next 2 games and only heading one way and thats down !

    |   -5
  • redIMPoster  |  October 06 2012, 7:40PM

    Nice work Ozzzy - it was quiet without you there today. I hope you won't be on here later on moaning about today's performance - especially as you won't have seen it!!!!

    |   3
  • ozzyyy  |  October 06 2012, 6:25PM

    Wish i had the money mate and as you say about bob if wasn't for him and the board we probably would not be in the big mess we are in. Time for some to take there rose tinted glasses off

    |   -2