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The Moorland Centre, Moorland Way, LINCOLN, LN6 7JW
  • Telephone: 01522 509505

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Sun/Mon 11:30 - 8:00
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The Elite Fish & Chip Company

Just perfect

“Really enjoyed our fish, chips and mushy peas, the fish was bone free and very succulent, the chips were not greasy and very tasty, the mushy peas were just perfect. We would definitely eat there again-no doubt, the best chippy in Lincoln.”

By Steviek_696 | Tuesday, November 19 2013

The Elite Fish & Chip Restaurant and Take-away, Lincoln and Ruskington was voted Lincolnshire's favourite Fish & Chip Shop by the re...

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  • Profile image for Steviek_696
    Steviek_696  |  Tuesday, November 19 2013, 6:03PM  |  Report
    Just perfect

    Really enjoyed our fish, chips and mushy peas, the fish was bone free and very succulent, the chips were not greasy and very tasty, the mushy peas were just perfect. We would definitely eat there again-no doubt, the best chippy in Lincoln.

  • Profile image for Lincs_Express
    Lincs_Express  |  Monday, October 14 2013, 11:25AM  |  Report
    Very Disappointed!

    We have eaten at Elite in Ruskington and they have always been OK if a little expensive. However 6 of us ate in the Lincoln restaurant over the weekend and were very disappointed. 2 of the fish were sodden with fat and the plates were simply swimming in oil. The chips were clearly the small ends/off cuts not a decent size chip between 6 of us! and a vegetarian friend who ordered a plate of chips only (the vegetarian option is non existent, 1 cheese pie!) had a tiny portion of chips which were also the tiny dregs of the fryer. The manager knocked the price of one meal off, but that's not the point, we wanted a nice family meal and Elite failed to deliver.

  • Profile image for stillhungry
    stillhungry  |  Thursday, February 28 2013, 10:23AM  |  Report
    why no reviews for 2 years?

    After reading the good reviews and on a day out in Lincoln looked forward to giving it a try! the meal was OK but at the price i was expecting more than just OK! the regular fish was small (glad we didnt go for the OAP special) and for the price of the large fish at £10.40 I would have expected Moby Dick? chips were limp and sad! but not as sad as me! £19 for 2 fish and chips 1peas 1bread 1tea and 1coke was a bit over the top!!! Yes the place was spotless and the staff friendly and polite!! but at the price the meal left a lot to be desired! still hungry when we left? going to do a search for Neptunes next time in Lincoln!!!

  • Profile image for Archer_Gang
    Archer_Gang  |  Sunday, October 23 2011, 7:12PM  |  Report
    Possibly the UK's Best Chippy!

    We travel regularly from Chesterfield to Lincoln not just for a day out but also for the Fish and Chips at Elite. Over the years we have tried some of the best in the country - Whitby's Magpie and Trenchers, Anstruther's Fish Bar just north of Edinburgh, Bizzie Lizzies in Skipton, VC Jones of Whistable, Kristian's at the fish quay at North Shields, some excellent chippys in Oban etc, etc ... However as far as we are concerned, Elite ranks very highly if not right at the top of the list of the best. The staff are great and the prices are competitive. The haddock is boneless and skinless and is pure white tasty fish. The batter is usually perfect, crisp and tasty and the chips firm but fluffy. There is never any surplus grease and you never get that after taste that you sometimes get after a fish and chip meal. Yes the product is not standard every visit, so sometimes it better than at other times, however this is not McDonalds! Judging by some of the other reviews we think Lincoln is spoilt! We have nothing like this in Chesterfield. For the sake of our waistlines it is probably just as well we don't! Keep up the good work Elite. As long as you serve fish and chips at the standard that you do, you will always have your regular customers from Chesterfield!

    The Elite Fish & Chip Company  |  Sunday, October 30 2011, 2:37PM  |  Report

    Thank you for taking the time to review your recent visit to our Tritton Rd shop, It is always good to hear that people are enjoying not only our food but the service that is provided as well. Many thanks Jonathan Webb Operations Manager

  • Profile image for whats4tea
    whats4tea  |  Tuesday, September 06 2011, 4:41PM  |  Report
    What about the Tea!

    Can't believe on my visit to Tritton Road restaurant today because I requested an extra teabag in the pot was told by a very terse Nicola that I would have to pay for a second pot!!! Just as well I don't take sugar, perhaps after 2 sachets would have to pay more!!! Come on Elite what has happened to your customer service and in some cases (not all) staff attitude!!!

    The Elite Fish & Chip Company  |  Wednesday, September 07 2011, 12:25PM  |  Report

    Thank you for taking the time to comment on your recent visit to our restaurant. I have just finished investigating your complaint along with the Senior manager at our restaurant. Neither of us our aware why you were told that you would have to pay for another pot of tea just because you asked for an extra tea bag and it is definately not an elite policy to charge for an extra bag. We have spoken to the manageress that was on duty at the time of your visit who also said that she didn't believe that you should be charged and therefore did not charge for the extra tea bag when she put the bill through to the till, unfortunately though you were not informed of this and therefore did not know that you had not been charged. All staff are in the process of being told that there is no charge for having an extra tea bag to prevent this kind of misunderstanding occuring again.

  • Profile image for EdwardHughes1
    EdwardHughes1  |  Tuesday, August 23 2011, 11:25AM  |  Report
    Worth another try.

    I appreciate the effort that Mr Webb has put in responding to the reviews on here, it is certainly worth another try and I shall pop in in the near future.

  • Profile image for ernist
    ernist  |  Tuesday, August 23 2011, 7:38AM  |  Report
    Elite delights!

    You know how you sometimes feel a little yucky the morning after a plate of fish and chips? Well, we went to the Elite Restaurant on Tritton Road, Lincoln, last night, and had an enjoyable plate of cod fillet and chips in pleasant surroundings. This morning - I FEEL GREAT! Thanks, Elite. Now I am off for a run to reduce the extra calories I may have input! N.B. The service was friendly and efficient.

    The Elite Fish & Chip Company  |  Tuesday, August 23 2011, 8:47AM  |  Report

    Thank you for taking the time to review your visit to the Elite Fish And Chip Restaurant and take-away. I am glad to hear that we lived up to the standards that people expect from us and will ensure I congratulate the staff on a job well done Many Thanks Jonathan Webb Operations Manager

  • Profile image for EdwardHughes1
    EdwardHughes1  |  Monday, August 22 2011, 11:55AM  |  Report

    I found that both Elite and Neptune, both of whom I was full of praise for in the run up to the awards, went very sharply downhill after the awards were announced. The batter on the fish was a lot cheweyer and nothing like as crisp and the chips also were not as nice in both chip shops as they were in the couple of months preceding the awards. I have been back a few times to both since as at first I thought it must have just been a one-off but now I'm not so sure. I would imagine that the restaurant section of Elite will still be excellent but for me the standard of the take-away section dropped sharply and I now prefer Neptune just becuase of the friendlier service. I'm sure Elite will resume normal service in the run up to the next awards again though and for those couple of months it is by far the best fish and chips I have had anywhere.

    The Elite Fish & Chip Company  |  Tuesday, August 23 2011, 8:59AM  |  Report

    Thank you for taking the time to review your recent visits to the Elite Fish And Chip Restaurant and Take-away. I would like to appologise if you feel as though the standards within our Take-away have dropped recently, we always try to meet the high standards that we have set within the fish and chip business and strive to set the bar even higher at all times not just at competitions. I would like to reassure you that I will be looking into your comments personally this week to check on standards and working practices. If you would like to contact me personally please do so through the number on this website. Many Thanks Jonathan Webb Operations Manager

  • Profile image for wiscomby
    wiscomby  |  Monday, August 15 2011, 7:01PM  |  Report
    Fantastic traditional fish and chips by Wiscomby!

    Excellent quality fish -beautiful batter. The surroundings are lovely and clean. The service was exceptional - greeted immediately, very attentive service throughout by Megan. All the staff were extremely friendly and gave a friendly team approach. We found the prices to be very reasonable. Would definitely recommend it to anyone in the Lincoln area- well done and Thank you!

    The Elite Fish & Chip Company  |  Tuesday, August 23 2011, 9:03AM  |  Report

    Thank You for taking the time to review your recent visit to the Elite Fish And Chip Restaurant and Take-away. I am glad to hear that your visit was made enjoyable not only by the quality of our fish and chips but also by the quality of our staff. Hope to see you again soon Many Thanks Jonathan Webb Operations Manager

  • Profile image for ExoChat
    ExoChat  |  Monday, June 27 2011, 11:47AM  |  Report
    The Best Chippy Anywhere!

    I have to say that the quality of the fish and batter is by far the best you can get anywhere I have been. I have tried a lot of places and nothing comes close to it. I even have family living as far away as the south coast and north Scotland who all make a visit to The Elite when they come to Lincoln because they have yet to find anywhere with the same quality. My only negative aspects tho, are that sometimes a different cook can lead to a different quality and that it really does depend on who is frying on that particular day as to whether the quality is 5-star outstanding or 3-star average! Fortunately it doesn't happen very often but can do and may lead to a few negative reviews. Secondly, the restaurant side, although always clean and professional, has a few strange quirks regarding the menu, such as their being "no facilities to offer a small amount of tap water for tablets, but we sell special medicine water for a price!" which turns out to be tap water! Or there being no half portions for drinks, instead OAP's and children who would like a Lemonade for example, having to have a full size pint of it! That aside, the staff are incredibly friendly, they meals even at the busiest of times when the restaurant is bulging at the seams are delivered in blisteringly quick times and the quality of the food is 90% outstanding! I certainly recommend you give it a try and if you are unlucky enough to get the rare "off-day", go along and give it a second chance at another time of the day and I am sure you will be surprised how different the experience can be with the right staff frying the fish!

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