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Emma McClarkin MEP: There's only one party in call for EU vote

By Lincolnshire Echo  |  Posted: December 05, 2013

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One of the things people across Lincolnshire and the East Midlands constantly tell me is that we need to bring powers back from Europe to Westminster. I completely agree.

Every week I hear MEPs from other parties wanting more powers for the EU, more money for the EU, more powers over member countries, more, more, more.

As Conservative MEPs, we fight all the time to try to stop the transfer of further powers to Europe, to control and cut the EU budget and to stop the multitude of crazy schemes that come from Brussels. But what we need is a fundamental change, so that we don't have to keep fighting.

The Conservative Party is the only party which has promised a clear in/out referendum in the next Parliament.

The Lib Dems, having backed a referendum at the last election, have now decided they don't want one.

As for Labour, they are so opposed to giving the British people a say that they are trying to stop a Conservative-backed Private Member's Bill going through the Westminster Parliament, which would put this into law.

Last month there was a vote in the European Parliament on whether to stop wasting £130 million every year by moving the entire parliament to Strasbourg once a month.

Neither of your UKIP MEPs for the East Midlands supported the vote for a single seat. Maybe they like the travelling circus.

Conservatives are the only party pushing for this.

Before there is a referendum there will be renegotiation. We can and must renegotiate. Just because it hasn't been done before doesn't mean it's impossible.

Those that say it is impossible are also those that want ever-deeper integration with the EU – and don't want us to leave!

People said cutting the EU budget was impossible, yet our Prime Minister did it. I believe the people who are saying renegotiation is impossible will be proved wrong.

We're now less than six months away from next year's European Elections, to be held on Thursday May 22, 2014.

If you, like me, want to see real change, the only option is to vote Conservative. We are the party standing up for Britain in the European Parliament.

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  • lnzsb23  |  December 05 2013, 10:53AM

    You must be absolutely kidding when you say your party is standing up for Britain. So when your party voted in the European External Action Service EEAS in 2010, for an EU Common Foreign Affairs and Security policy, to eventually close all our embassies around the globe for EU ones, and I suspect other countries will close theirs too in our country, is looking out for our interests. To decimate and downgrade our military to amalgamate with the European Army is looking out for British interests. To have all our laws and regulations decided by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, is in Britains best interest, to have stupid "climate change" taxes imposed on our industries to cripple them and close them down is in our best interest, and you criticise UKIP for not voting on seating arrangements between Strasbourg and Brussels. As for this referendum on the table, it has so many strings attached to it,you could make a vest with it. Nearly all the EU commissioners,MEP's Barrosso, Shultz, Merkyl etc have all said any renegotiation of our membership would be "impossible". Only UKIP provide the real answer and that is to leave the EU ASAP. To then have a trading relationship only, like it should have been in the first place. Even if these "renegotiation" were "successful", what is to say they are lost in future treaties, or any opt outs ignored later, in the courts. It was a Tory government who signed the original treaty in 1972(European Communities Act), then again in 1986(single European Act), and again in 1992(Maastricht). At no point was there a referendum offered and each time they knew it was seriously destroying our sovereignty . Then Labour took the helm with The Amsterdam treaty of 1997. Still no referendum and finally in 2007 the EU Constitution/Lisbon Treaty. This was the final nail in the coffin of the UK. It effectivly handed over the country lock stock and barrel to the EU, and you say this is in Britain's best interests. Yet the "cast iron guarantee of a referendum if he was elected" by David Cameron himself is renaged, to a vague promise in 2017. Do you think the public believe you now? Both Labour and Tory party's have under their stewardships, decimated, wrecked and crippled this once proud country. It's treachery goes without saying. If I was Cromwell, I would be restaging the "dismissal of the Rump".

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