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  • Profile image for Lincolnshire Media Digital Advertising Services
    Lincolnshire Media Digital Advertising Services  |  Thursday, July 26 2012, 4:18PM  |  Report
    I got so much money for an old pair of earings!

    I don't wear my gold anymore & I kept seeing the adverts for Rowletts in the paper. I took my earings along & though I might get £5 - I came out with over £60!! I couln't belive how much they were worth. I wish I had more gold! A great company to deal with - very professional.

  • Profile image for DR2012
    DR2012  |  Thursday, June 28 2012, 4:49PM  |  Report
    Sell your Gold to Rowletts

    I recently popped into Rowletts to see how much a broken gold watch I had was worth. I couldn't believe how much I got for it. Definitely sell your unwanted or broken gold to these guys!

  • Profile image for opeatman
    opeatman  |  Monday, March 05 2012, 3:22PM  |  Report
    Fantastic Family Run Jewellers!

    Great range of diamond rings - excellent prices! Customer service with a smile everytime, would definately recommend!!