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Full-time: Lincoln 2 Newport 4

By LeighCurtis  |  Posted: January 12, 2013

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A disastrous defensive performance by Lincoln City aided Newport County's promotion charge as they stormed to a 4-2 win at Sincil Bank.

Justin Edinburgh's side were 3-0 up inside 40 minutes with two goals from Aaron O'Connor and a strike from Robbie Willmott putting them in command.

A goal by Vadaine Oliver just before half-time gave Lincoln hope but there was still enough time to allow Willmott to score his second.

Lincoln had nothing to lose after the break and made it 4-2 with 12 minutes left when Chris Bush, who had earlier hit the bar, smashed in from 12 yards.

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  • Sweepclean  |  January 15 2013, 3:59PM

    Although it was pretty football by these young lads The goal should have been disallowed for a foul by the left winger who eased the opponent off the ball as it came to him, But of course in these matches the Ref lets the play flow so as not to disappoint the young players fine move.

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  • alltheseyears  |  January 14 2013, 4:20PM

    It is a lovely goal but I was coached by a pro who said in those circumstances you let them play how they like in their own half and you wait for them in your half. Not easy to play pitter patter footie when crowded in one half!

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  • nigelsparky  |  January 14 2013, 2:34PM

    I think Isambard they think they are playing "rugby union" and trying to get a "line out" ! Love that goal on the link it's just fantastic. http://tinyurl.com/cbdvfo9

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  • Isambard_KB  |  January 14 2013, 2:13PM

    Whilst we're on negative tactics that don't work, I give you # 2. Our kick offs, defined as a method to kick the ball out of play so that the opposition have a throw in UTI

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  • Isambard_KB  |  January 14 2013, 2:09PM

    Nigelsparky, alltheseyears, you have both identified the key problem with Reg's tactics. He sets the team up to deny space and as a result the only ball on is often the long ball. Look at any Farman goalkick and you can throw a blanket over all of our outfield players either side of the halfway line and often within 1/3 of the pitch from the touch line. Even if we win the header it's so tight that the next ball is another "compete ball". Newport had had us watched. They stuck a player wide on the open side and switched the ball quickly giving him half the park to run in to. Robson had to make 40 yards to cover making him look stupid. The better U12 teams realise pretty quickly that creating space is vital. They stopped bunching together when they were under 7. I wonder where our players went wrong. We won't get anywhere with Reg in charge. Hopefully, he can keep us up this season and Bob can make a change over the summer. However, I won't hold my breath. Up the Imps

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  • wragbyred3  |  January 14 2013, 1:57PM

    To blame Farman for saturdays shambles is somewhat unfair. He perhaps should have done better with the first, but had little chance with the remainder which was down to terrible defending and some sharp finishing. There are times this season that if it were not for Farman we would have conceeded 4 or more goals.We had 70% of the game on saturday but got soundly beaten. Sure we have one or two key players missing , but we have a so called squad of around 30 players including 4 keepers on the books. The injury list has now expanded to include Power , one of our better players. The players keep on being changed and still we have a shambles which could easily become a disaster.

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  • nigelsparky  |  January 14 2013, 12:59PM

    I agree Franky, they can play football and yes I suspect the manager stops them from doing so, which is my point about the mindset of English football. You know the old "you won't get out of this league by playing football" or "we're not Barcelona". Nothing wrong either in using a "direct" tactic once in a while during the game, but only when the opportunity presents itself. Aimless balls into the channels is never going to work, you just give possession away, and what is with this having all 20 players grouped together in what, one third of the pitch, at a goalkick! Did anyone else notice how their wide man pulled out of that area on Saturday and collected the ball gaining space and time, which lead to one of their goals?

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  • redimp45  |  January 14 2013, 12:54PM

    Personally I think after a a decent run in November for whatever reason the team has folded. The only common denominator has to be DH!!!!! Should he go?? Maybe.

  • nigelsparky  |  January 14 2013, 12:39PM

    Spilsby, I do not have a problem with people having a different opinion to me at all. People seem to say things on here without actually knowing why they are saying it. Like all the silly punditry sayings. When I challenge them to explain what they mean, more often than not, I get no response. On Saturday I witnessed 4 horrendous pieces of defending/decision making, that left Farman "exposed" and 4 very good finishes that gave Farman no chance at all. However some on here have chosen to point the finger at Farman, (as well as the defending to be fair), which for me is absolutely ridiculous. People on here seem to either ignore, or can't see the mistakes as they unfold leading up to the goals, choosing to focus their attentions onto whether Farman could have done better. A classic example of this came against Southport, when I was told by someone on here that Farman was at fault for Owens goal. When I pointed out that Miller made the crucial mistake, this individual claimed he was "nowhere near it". Yet you can quite clearly see Miller heading the ball into Owens path, when he should have headed the ball back to Farman, and Owens quick thinking and first time strike, well, was just wonderful. This is why I say people need to look at the broader picture, get a better understanding of the modern game. I am not being patronising or insulting by saying this. Moving on, you say Under-12's do not have to compete against defensive and very physical defences - a strange arguement??" Why is that strange? I feel you are missing my point. These are under 12's playing under 12's, the same level, and there will be physical under 12 teams around. When Spain defeated Holland in the last world cup, the same level, how physical were Holland that night? Very is the answer, but Spain continued to play "football" didn't they. My point is you don't need to be Barcelona or "experienced" to play "football" it can be played at every level. Look at the video again, the team in Orange, their movement off the ball is tremendous, they know where they should be on the pitch, which many argue on here, only comes with "experience". For me it's a combination of "ability" and quality of coaching to maximise that "ability", which this video goes to prove in my book. Alan Hansen and others say that Aston Villa need to bring in "experienced" players. No they need to bring in players of a better quality, which possibly applies to the coaching staff too.

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  • franky68  |  January 14 2013, 11:34AM

    Nigel: watched your youtube,it was very good, and the players at city can do the same passing game. as I think was proved in 2nd half on SAT, but DH wont let them play that style, has he no trust in the squad of players he himself put together. come on boys

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